The Cloudera Scoop: One Platform Initiative, RecordService & Kudu

Cloudera NewsCloudera has recently announced the One Platform Initiative, RecordService and Kudu. During a recent keynote speech, at the Cloudera Sessions in Munich, Mike Olson of Cloudera spent some time talking about the motivations for those moves.

This blog post shares what he spoke about, mixes that with some of my own reading and then adds my own take on some of the announcements. It also covers some of the other information relative to Cloudera which Mike shared during his speech. To find out more about the first half of his keynote see this post.

After reading this post you will understand what the One Platform Initiative is all about, what RecordService is and what it is trying to do, what Kudu is as well as what it is not and know a little bit more about Cloudera using the facts Mike shared as part of his keynote.

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Cloudera – Big Data Revolution Will Transform The World!

Mike OlsonDuring a recent keynote Mike Olson, of Cloudera, stated the case for Big Data helping to take on the challenges we will face as a planet. At the same time he outlined customer use cases, the future of Hadoop and affirmed his belief that Hadoop is now enterprise ready. A fact he backed up by talking about the fact there are now many production deployments around the world.

This blog covers the first part of Mikes Cloudera Sessions Keynote which took place on October 8th at the Allianz Arena in Munich.  Some of this blog paraphrases, using my notes, with other parts reflecting specific quotes I noted as Mike spoke. A follow-up blog shares a little on where Cloudera stands today and the new initiatives Mike spoke about in that talk including news around the One Platform Initiative, Record Service and Kudu.

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Safe Harbor – Personal Data Of EU Citizens Not Safe In The USA?

Safe HarborSafe Harbor is no more. Well Safe Harbor still exists but following a ruling in the European Court of Justice it has now been ruled as an invalid mechanism to protect the data and privacy of European Union citizens personal data when it is moved to the USA from the EU. In essence this is a damning statement that says European Citizen personal data was never safe from certain parties in the USA.

TThis is down to the fact that the US government is perceived as having used that transmitted data to spy on citizens (as alleged by Edward Snowdon). There is no suggestion of bad behaviour by US organizations themselves who generally offer much better protection than many companies could develop and maintain themselves.

Exactly what this means is still being worked on. I suspect it will mean a lot of scrambling and head scratching for the many organizations (estimated at about 4500) who use Safe Harbor. Those organizations use it to enable them to run a centralized internal IT platform which supports their entire global operations, to offer centralized platforms for consumers hosted and run totally out of the US and for companies who move data around as part of their general business approach.

This week I had a number of non-IT friends ask me what this was all about. Mainly these questions are coming as the ruling is making news headlines around Europe. This post is a summary of what I tried to explain to them. Safe Harbor is something most people never knew existed in the first place and it is amazing it has taken over our televisions.

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Predictive Apps vs. Predictive Analytics

Predcitive Apps vs. Predictive AnalyticsPredictive Apps vs. Predictive Analytics. Is it really a battle between the two or is one a subset of the other? Many of us use what I would describe as predictive apps, in our consumer life, day to day but does the idea extend beyond the consumer realm and into the business? How does predictive analytics fit into the picture?

Below are a few of my thoughts but I am also interested in what you see as the difference, if any. Would you use a different phrase?

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