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The IoT Continuum – How do you see it?

The IoT Continuum

How do you see the IoT ContinuumOver the past months I have read a great deal about the Internet of Things (IoT) and how companies are moving forwards with it.

Looking across all the stories on the web it is clear that there is an IoT Continuum when you look at the different types of projects out there which many vendors are talking about.

This post shares some phases which I have summarized. I am interested to know if you think there are intermediate phases or even phases before or after these. I would also love to hear if you would alter the names and the focus!

Introducing the IoT Continuum

There are three things I see happening today with a fourth one maybe being the future.  Certain projects will contain multiple phases of the continuum over time with each building on the previous one and each phase might be a milestone in a much bigger goal.

The IoT Continuum

You might have ideas for different names for these and I would be very open to hearing your thoughts on that. The main question I want you to think about, after reading the phase descriptions below, is if you see different phases I have missed altogether? If so please share your thoughts and pointers to the stories that support them as I am eager to learn.

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Cloudera – Big Data Revolution Will Transform The World!

Mike OlsonDuring a recent keynote Mike Olson, of Cloudera, stated the case for Big Data helping to take on the challenges we will face as a planet. At the same time he outlined customer use cases, the future of Hadoop and affirmed his belief that Hadoop is now enterprise ready. A fact he backed up by talking about the fact there are now many production deployments around the world.

This blog covers the first part of Mikes Cloudera Sessions Keynote which took place on October 8th at the Allianz Arena in Munich.  Some of this blog paraphrases, using my notes, with other parts reflecting specific quotes I noted as Mike spoke. A follow-up blog shares a little on where Cloudera stands today and the new initiatives Mike spoke about in that talk including news around the One Platform Initiative, Record Service and Kudu.

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Who Are Onyara & What Is Apache NiFi?

http://nifi.apache.org/images/niFi-logo-horizontal.pngWhen Hortonworks announced they were going to buy Onyara I have to admit I had never heard of Onyara and had no idea what technology or value they would be bringing to the Hadoop table.  To be acquired there had to be something interesting I was missing.  So, Starting with a basis of no knowledge, my natural curiosity kicked in. For the past few days I have been trying to learn about Onyara and the technology they were involved with. This blog reflects a little of what I have learnt. I welcome any comments or additional information to help all of us learn more.

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Is it the end for Big Data?


When Gartner published their recent “2015 Hype Cycle For Emerging Technologies” they did something many were not expecting. They removed Big Data.

Now rewind back to March 2014 – it is not that long ago. I was honoured to be a member of the sponsor panel at the Gartner BI Summit in London. During that session they asked each of the panellists if the term Big Data would still be around in 3 years time. My answer was that I thought the term would be gone by then (read a CBR article here).  Here is the quote of what I said from the CBR article “My personal view about this is Big Data has been around forever and it will keep growing. Technology is going to change so it will move forward, but frankly it is just a buzzword, it will go away, there will be something else

Is this latest Gartner move the end of Big Data as a term? Is my prediction coming true?

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Hadoop adoption seems to be accelerating!

ThinkingAccording to this Gartner report Hadoop faces challenges breaking into the enterprise. This assertion is not one I have experienced in working with customers all over Europe and Asia Pacific nor is it one that seems to be supported by the rapid growth of Hadoop ecosystem related organizations.

With Hortonworks recently declaring their Q2 results I thought now would be a good time to take stock of where Hadoop is in its adoption curve.  I have focused on the two vendors who seem to have the largest market share that have declared some sort of revenue and customer count numbers: Cloudera and Hortonworks. Before I start let me say I do not work for any of these organizations. I have done my best to ensure the accuracy of these numbers using public postings and assumptions but I am open to any corrections from the named vendors if they want to contact me.

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