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Is it the end for Big Data?


When Gartner published their recent “2015 Hype Cycle For Emerging Technologies” they did something many were not expecting. They removed Big Data.

Now rewind back to March 2014 – it is not that long ago. I was honoured to be a member of the sponsor panel at the Gartner BI Summit in London. During that session they asked each of the panellists if the term Big Data would still be around in 3 years time. My answer was that I thought the term would be gone by then (read a CBR article here).  Here is the quote of what I said from the CBR article “My personal view about this is Big Data has been around forever and it will keep growing. Technology is going to change so it will move forward, but frankly it is just a buzzword, it will go away, there will be something else

Is this latest Gartner move the end of Big Data as a term? Is my prediction coming true?

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