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Are annual performance reviews a crutch for a bad manager?

feedback-796142_1280Annual Performance Reviews seem to be on the way out! The internet is awash with stories of organizations stopping the execution of Annual Peformance reviews. Deloitte, Accenture, National Australia Bank, GE and more have all come out publicly to say they are doing away with them.

As someone who has managed people, for more than 15 years, I think this is a welcome move. I believe annual performance reviews are a crutch for a bad manager that really only provides marginal benefits to managing and leading a team unless there is really no other feedback happening. In addition they mostly fail in reaching its primary aim which is to help team members excel over time by providing them with feedback.

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4 Leadership Lessons Learnt From My Volunteer Work

Die WaldpiratenIn 2010 I made a decision to start to volunteer my time twice a year(around 18 days) at the Waldpiraten Camp. The camp, funded entirely via charity (feel free to donate if you want to – it is a great cause), provides the opportunity for children, and their siblings, with Cancer in Germany to break away from the everyday challenges of dealing with Cancer and to do something different.  It also gives parents a chance to relax knowing their children are in good care.

The motivations for doing this were many. I could never have imagined how it would change my outlook on life, broaden my horizons and teach me valuable lessons I could use professionally as well. There is no doubt that volunteering has made me a more rounded person and reenforced things that might seem obvious but which are easily forgotton. Here are four leadership lessons I (re)learnt along the way I carry forwards as a colleague and manager but also personally.

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