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3 ways to use Hadoop without throwing out the DWH

Originally posted on SAS Voices

Work TogetherWorking out where Hadoop might fit alongside, or where it might replace components, of existing IT architectures is a question on the minds of every organization that is being drawn towards the promises of Hadoop. That is the main focus of this blog along with discussions of some of the reasons they are drawn towards Hadoop.

For the past 12 months, I have spent a great deal of time speaking to organizations that were either thinking about adopting Hadoop as a data platform or were already well underway with their Hadoop journey. During this time, I have heard two core arguments as to why people want to adopt Hadoop: cost and agility. Perhaps unsurprisingly if you talk to those that have implemented, they often tout the same two things as the benefits of having adopted Hadoop. Lets dig into both.

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